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Re: Ewing's sarcoma

>My son, 13 was recently diagnosed with this disease.  It is localized and his
>doctors want to begin intensive chemotherapy in the next few weeks followed
>by surgery and then more total a minimum of 7 months to
>maximum 11 months.
>Help...I found you on the internet, I don't know if you can help, we'd like
>to get a second opinion and find out what we should expect, talk to people
>who have had the same diagnosis, etc.
>Please e-mail me @

My mother was diagnosed with Stromal Sarcoma last November. The prognosis
from her ob gyn and oncologist was not very promising. It is only recently
that we located a doctor who SPECIALIZES in this type of cancer. The Dr.
actually called today and said that they had reviewed my mom's path report
and are now saying things may not be as bad as we were originally told. My
point here is for you to seek out a Dr. who specializes in Ewings Sarcoma.
Just because your son was diagnoses by an oncologist doesn't mean that that
is the last word.

My thoughts are with you,