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Re: Liver cancer

At 10:36 AM 9/11/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a friend who has advanced liver cancer. My question now is how to 
>make her more comfortable. She has been thru 2 sessions of chemo, the 
>last 2 weeks ago. Since then her abdomen is about 8 months pregnancy 
>size, she is having trouble sleeping and is in alot of pain. Blood tests 
>have come back normal.
>thank you
>j diridoni

Your number one goal is to keep her comfortable.  In this day and age there
is no excuse for her to be uncomofortable.  Please find a doctor who is
willing to treat her pain as needed.  There are many pills and liquids which
can be taken around the clock, and if she is not able to take those, there
are IV(intravenous) maedications and shots.  If she has a permanent IV
(porta-cath or central line) there are portable pan pumps that can be used
at home.  Someitmes the pill Lasix can help to get rid of some of the fluid
in her abdomen, but not for long.  They can drain her belly but it will just
come back in a day or two so it really doesn't do much good.  She needs to
eat and drink in small amounts because the swollen belly prevents her
stomach from holding too much at a time.  If she can drink Ensure, she can
get enough nutrition. 
Good luck in her care-my prayers are with you.  I am an oncology nurse-let
me know if I can help you more.

Mary Ann Turner>