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Fibrolamellar Hepatoma

Mr. Reynolds,				9/12/96			
Our son was diagnosed with Fibrolamellar Hepatoma in December of 1993. He 
was only 18 at the time. Since then he has had three major operations. 
Although his liver has been clear of the malignancy since the first 
operation, the disease had matastisized to other areas. Two of his 
operations were performed by Dr. Paul Sugarbaker and his team of surgeons 
at Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. The last operation 
was in December of 1995. The procedure is know as 
cytoreduction (debulking) surgery, with postoperative intraperitoneal 
chemotherapy. Ted has been working part-time since the operation and is 
planning to go to college full time this fall. We pray there will be no 
reoccurence of the disease. Perhaps this doctor could be of benefit to 
you. If interested the address of the hospital is 110 Irving St. NW, 
Washington D.C. 20010.

				Pete and Jane Temple
				Celina, Ohio