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Re: Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Brian or anyone else familiar with pancreatic cancer:

I hope you and maybe others can tell me more about pancreatic cancer.  My father has 
recently been diagnosed with this cancer, and I am trying to find out as much as I can.
The internet is a great resource and I have read a lot about pancreatic cancer and cancer 
in general.  I would like to know more about the "whipple procedure".  The doctors don't 
want to operate at this time, they just started treating him with chemo (gemcitabine), 
mainly to control the cell growth around the peritoneum to which it has spread.  It has 
not spread to any other organs.  Can I ask you how quickly they operated after your 
diagnosis?  How big was your tumor? Do you have any experience with fluid retention in the 
abdomen?  I really appreciate any advice you can give me.

To answer your question:  I am certainly no expert, but from what I have read, you should 
follow your doctors recommendation.  They might be some hidden tumor cells that might act 
up again if not killed through chemo or radiation.  I would not take that chance if I were 
you.  They would probably give you a much lower dosage at this time.  Any alternative 
choices might be good as a supplement.



> I recently had Whipple surgery to remove a Pancreatic cancer tumor, with a 
> successful resection and no observed spread.  Now the doctors are recommending 
> radiation and chemotherapy to kill any remaining hidden tumor cells.  I am very 
> concerned about the long term effects of radiation, and possibly chemotherapy.  
> I would like to explore alternative choices:  chemodrug combinations, 
> biotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.  I am being urged to start therapy immediately; 
> but I am not yet comfortable doing this.
> I would appreciate responses which help me to understand the pros/cons of 
> various therapy choices.  
> thanks for your contribution to my long term health,
> Brian