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Re: Waldenstroms macroglobular anemia

Send me via Email the name of the patients and mailing address.
I will mail the WMSG Information Pack. It contains clinical
information on WM and all WMSG Newsletter printed to date .


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>>I am new to the internet.  My husband was diagnosed with the above disease just 
>>over 3 years ago.  We are interested in learning about other's experiences with 
>>treatment, what kind of treatment is out there, besides what he has gotten.  He 
>>is currently undergoing chemo, and has been since the onset.  They tried an oral 
>>chemo, but he had no success with it.  Thanks.
>Waldenstrom's Support Home Page can be found at:
>This is a US-based support site for Waldenstrom's patients run by a
>patient called Arnie Smokler. There is a contact a patient facility run
>by the Group.
>Best wishes
>Ken Campbell, Information Officer, Leukaemia Research Fund
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