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Re: Creating a WEB page on Cancer

PLEASE make sure you get a second opinion before getting a complete

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I recently was sent in for transvaginal ultrasoud because my doctor found
endometriosis.  When I got the results back, my doctor said the radiologist
found cysts on both ovaries and that I needed laproscopic surgery to see if
I had ovarian cancer.  He also said he wanted to give me a blood test for
the tags of ovarian cancer.  He did not explain anything to me and had me
very scared for a week that I had ovarian cancer.  Women need to know the
information about ovarian cysts and cancer that I found on this web page.
It is written by Dr William Rich who's creditials you will find on his pages
at the address I am providing below.  He is the only one who took the time
to explain everything about my condition and to help me know, before my
laproscopic surgery, that it was about 99-1 that I did not have ovarian
cancer.  He e-mailed me any other questions I had about what was going on
with me and I gave his e-mail to two other women going through the same
thing and answered all the questions they had.  If you do provide a web page
about cancer, please include Dr Richs' link.  All women should have the
information he provides in his articles and his credientials speak for
themselves.  Please let me know what you decide to do and if I can help in
any way let me know.  I know how these women feel because I too thought I
had cancer and I am willing to help relieve the fright doctors place on
women in these situations.  It helps to talk to people and I have three new
friends that are in the same condition that I am.  By the way, when the
surgery was done, my CA-125 was elevated to 42(35 being normal) but he found
nothing on my ovaries.  I have very minor endometriosis and I must decide if
I want to have the complete hystorectomy my doctor recommended or if I want
to just wait and see what happens.  Thank God I didn't have cancer but I can
really feel for the women who have gone through this before.  Please e-mail
me back if you recieve this message.
Susan Harper

Dr. Richs' address on the internet

At 03:49 PM 9/6/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I have begun creating a web page to increase patients awareness on
>research that is being done on a new possible treatment for cancer.