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new therapy for cancer

Recently a new treatment for colon cancer was featured on a Cable-TV
program. I'm trying to track down who ran the story and who is doing the
research. Here's how I found out about it:

My father was watching TV a few weeks ago (maybe in July or August 1996) and
came across a show that featured a "new" treatment for colon cancer.
According to the program, the cancer cells studied released a factor that
modified the host's immune response. In essence, the cancer cells were
releasing some factor that made the body believe that they were just
"normal" (i.e., non-cancerous) cells. This cancer treatment research was
based on what happens to a mother's immune system during pregnancy. During
pregnancy, the fetus apparently releases some factor into the mother's
system that modifies the mother's immune system. Again, in essence, the
fetus releases some factor that fools the mother's immune system into
"thinking" that it is just another (maternal) body part. Researchers claimed
that they identified this "modifying factor" and had developed a way to
combat it. Then, the cancer was no longer able to "hide" from the immune
system. It sounds like a great idea.

Here's the question: My dad doesn't remember who was doing this research or
even who was doing this story. Has anyone out there seen this program? I
appreciate any help. 

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Thanks to all,

Larry Manney