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RE: Waldenstroms macroglobular anemia

you will find an article on the international myeloma foundation's web site at (see the myeloma today newsletter) as well as a
reference to a site dedicated to waldenstroms (see the other resources page)
From: on Sat, Sep 7, 1996 1:51 PM
Subject: Waldenstroms macroglobular anemia

I am new to the internet.  My husband was diagnosed with the above disease
just over 3 years ago.  We are interested in learning about other's
experiences with treatment, what kind of treatment is out there, besides what
he has gotten.  He is currently undergoing chemo, and has been since the
onset.  They tried an oral chemo, but he had no success with it.  Thanks.

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Subject: Waldenstroms macroglobular anemia
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