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No Subject

My grandmother who is 84 years old just had biopsies taken from growths on
her neck and the lab diagnosis came back saying this:

        Infiltrating poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, biopsy from ritht
neck mass.  - 4
        Possible primary of this tumor is probably the breast or the stomach.

She also has cancer of the cervix.  Could you translate the above so I could
understand it and the prognosis isn't good is it?  She doesn't eat or drink
anymore and has lost a tremendous amount of weight in the last month.

If you can't give me any clues here then where can I go?  Her doctor won't
tell me because I'm not 'immediate' family and I think every one wants to
spare me.  

If you have any answers for me my email is:

Thank you

Laura DiLeonardo