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A cure for cancer??????

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, DR. MICHAEL G. SAMUELS wrote:

> Carl D. Rubin wrote:
> > 
> > >I was watching a local news show this morning where a doctor was interviewed
> > >and claimed to have found a cure for cancer.  This seems very hard to
> > >believe.  Is anyone familiar with this doctor in Houston?  I understand his
> > >work is very controversal.
> > 
> > Yes, he has found a cure for cancer, and I have am Elvis and I am going to
> > marry Pamela Anderson.

When is the happy occasion? ;-)

Dr. Samuels, it is wonderful you have such trust in your physician; but, 
please do not forget Dr. Burzynski is also an MD, PHD, and a researcher.  His 
credentials before his 'alternate' form of therapy for cancer (at a time 
no one dared go against Chemo and Radiation) were impeccable.  Todate, no 
one has attacked his scientific theories or medical credentials...

On the contrary, Dr. B. has a following of terminal patients who have been 
alive years after the medical establishment gave up on them.  Components of 
his antineoplastons are being researched in US and abroad -  and the 
early results seem positive.  Mind you, this says nothing for the 
scientific merit of the treatment - but try to tell that to his patients 
who testified in congress on his behalf...

Burzynski institute has a web site.  I believe NCI has a blurp on it.  
Steve Dunn's site also has a page on Antineoplatons.  You can search 
Medline for specific publications....

Give Burzynski institute a call.  I don't know if they are going to be 
able to accept any new patients; but they can definitely provide you with 
their results with your type of cancer.  You might also want to call 
1-800-4-CANCER for list of trials and current traditional treatment for 
your type of cancer.  I also suggest you subscribe to Cancer-l mailing 
list and search the archives at http:\\www.medinfo.com for discussion of 
this and other topics.

Any person is entitled to his OPINION.  I would personally stay away from 
an MD who suggests buying a porche is better than trying to save one's 
life with a treatment that has 'some' scientific backing - specially if 
no other treatment is available.  A few months ago, I read some insurance 
companies were paying for Burzynski's treatment (more like 50K or less a 
year), so the cost may not be a factor.

PS.  I'm not a physician or a health care provider.  But, I'll be glad to 
give you my opinion - often backed with scientific data.  Let me know if 
I can try to help in any way.

To your health.