Update on Bella (What have I done, What do I do?) [00523] Medicine On Line

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Update on Bella (What have I done, What do I do?)

Your support has been overwheleming, Thank you. All your suggestions 
and sharing has really made a difference to me, and I am following up on 
what I can. 
   Well, I took Bella to the other vet this morning, all night she was 
sick. I think the last time she went was around 6 or 7 am. I didn't have 
any sleep so my nerves were more on edge than normal. I left her at the 
vet because they were trying to fit me in. I caught a three hour nap this 
afternoon, and when I got up I called they told me she was ready to go 
home. They gave me some nutritional supplement for her liver and an 
antibiotic. They want to check her blood and urine in a few days because 
there is so much bile in it. My obgyn called twice today to speak to me 
about the surgery and I missed him. I guess it is just not up there on my 
priority list right now. The other vet who owns the offices that I had 
brought Bella to called me(maybe he's worried about getting paid) He told 
me that it was very frustrating and they could make no diagnosis for her. 
But If she was his he would try something for 4 or 5 days and if it 
didn't work I had better get her to the liver specialist before I have no 
more dog to bring. Her little body can't take much more. I told him If 
the doctor had said bring her up to the specialist when he released her 
to me yesterday She would be there already. He was trying to make a mens 
for the doctor releasing her to me so sick. I told him refere me and I 
will take her, he told me he couldn't because the doctor was on vacation 
and won't be back till (you will never guess when) the 28th the day I 
have my surgery scheduled. What did I say yesterday? I couldn't take any 
more? Well. I guess there are other doctors I could bring her to but they 
are not as good as the doctor on vacation. So what do I do? What have I 
done? The new vet hasn't called me to talk about this yet, Bella is 
sleeping (which makes me real nervous now.) I can't be in surgery and 
bring Bella for surgery all on the same day. I suppose if my upper 
respirtory infection hangs on I will have to reschedule yet again, so I 
could take her then.(A good thing?) The only thing I can come up with is 
to pray that she responds well to the anitbiotic and nutritional 
supplement and does not need to go and have the liver specialist look at 
her. Pray, Pray and more prayer, I believe God can fix this and she will 
be ok. What else do I have? You know how sometimes people think that you 
go through hard times so God can get your attention. Maybe my own illness 
was not enough to get my attention (a byproduct of low self esteem I 
   Well if she's sick cause I am sick then we've entered a vicious 
circle. I know I won't be calm until she's well. Please keep praying, 
keep us in your thoughts. Prayer works, I know it does. God bless you