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Update on Bella (my dog )

I don't feel like I can take anymore I just don't have it in me. I 
called today to see how Bella was and they told me she could go home. So 
I was thrilled, I saw the doctor before they brought her to me and he 
told me that she had spit up this morning and had diarrhea but it was 
because she was excited.(I wasn't happy)I told him I was concerned about 
her liver and predisone she was on, wondering if they we going to monitor 
her liver function he said yes we will recheck in about a week. I asked 
about her urine and he said it looked fine to him. He went on to say that 
the bill was some five hundred and some dollars and we would have to do 
somthing about it before she's rechecked. I was floored, completely. In 
my heart I felt they had really messed her case up for over five weeks. I 
never expected a bill that large. To make a very horrible story shorter, 
they didn't really want to release the dog to me because I really 
couldn't afford to write them a check. I did give them a small check and 
signed a agreement to pay them one hundred dollars a month. Well, I bring 
her home and her urine is dark and full of bile like it was when I 
brought her(I think it's bile, at least it not the same color it has been 
the majority of her life) and she has had  diarrhea. I think that they 
let her go home because they were afraid if they refered me to the 
surgeon that would not get their money. So tomorrow I have to take her to 
another vet to find out, or be refered to the surgeon. I just can't take 
any more, and I am so sorry to be telling you all this. I just can't take 
it. It's breaking my heart, everything is breaking my heart. You are all 
so brave, I feel like a fool being crushed by all this. I keep crying all 
the time, she's just a little dog. I know I am not mentally ready for my 
surgery and won't be until my dog is well. Maybe, after that, I am not 
feeling so strong right now. Please keep praying for her. I will keep you