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does anyone know God's email address?

My mailer has been down for over 24 hours so I don't know if you have 
recieved this. I have been unable to see any re: mail because it's been 
down, so here it is once more.  Thanks Tatiana....

   I have to talk to him about Bella. You see, I understand he's the
great physician and I really need his help. (also I have it on good
authority his rates are very reasonable.)
   I spoke today with the owner of the clinic where Bella is and now they
believe she has a irritable bowel, as well as a liver dysfunction of some
sort. Or should I say that is the latest diagnosis. He told me that if
you ignore her elevated liver enzymes, then she fits the profile for the
irratable bowel. He thinks that her liver is aggravated due to the fact
she has been sick so long. He told me that he is going to give her a high
dose of predisone, and if it's irritable bowel it should clear up right
away. If by Tuesday she hasn't recovered then I have to take her to St.
Petersburg so they can find out if there is a shunt problem in her liver,
or biopsy her liver. She may even have a small liver which may be
breaking down. (God forbid)
    My birthday is 8/21, this Wednesday. I wanted God to know that for my
birthday, I would like my little dog well, healthy, and home again. So if
you know God's email address please forward my letter.
    I Believe that all of your prayers will make the difference in my
dogs life. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart, for your help,
understanding and prayers. Know that My prayers are with you all as well.
  P.S. I am feeling a little bit better this evening, (Thank God)
                     God bless and peace to you all