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Update on Bella

My Dear Friends:
     Bella is still in the hospital and still in need of your prayers.
They changed their minds and thought it was her pancreas as well as her
liver and now I don't know what they think, but they are giving her a
steroid today. I think they don't know what the heck is going on. So
she's still there. I may have to bring her to the specialists if they
can't get it straight and it appears they can't. The thing is that God is
the real healer in all this and I need his help desperately for Bella.
  I have been sick in bed so I haven't been able to write you all and let
you know what was going on with her. I have an awful upper respritory
infection that may once again interfere with my surgery. So I am a mess.
  All of your kind words and prayers have been so helpful for me and for
Bella. I need her to be well before my surgery (if I ever make it this
time). So please keep Bella in your prayers so the doctors can find out
exactly what's wrong and that she can be healed. I have to go back to bed
now I will write again when I can.
                            Thank you