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Re: [Fwd: A call for prayers] wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't think your nut's. I believe all living creatures have a soul. I
> believe that animals are like children. I also believe that if someone you
> love is away or can't for some reason be there for you in your time of need.
> That thier near you in spirit. They go where you go. If you believe in
> Angels believe that your angel will be there no matter what. I will say a
> prayer for you both in hopes that you will both be ok.
>                                                       Take Care, White Tiger
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> >Hello Everyone,
> >
> >  I know this isn't about cancer but in a way it is really. You all know
> >I have cancer of the vulva and that my surgery is on 8/28. This past
> >weekend my father was admitted with a mild heart attack and I came down
> >with yet again another upper respiratory infection. (I guess my immune
> >sytem is busy trying to cure the cancer on it's own) Well, you know I
> >could just about take all that. But my dog Bella (who is like a child to
> >me)as well as one of the chief reasons, I keep on keepin on became sick
> >about one month ago. She started with diarrhea and of course I went round
> >with the vet about food changes and medicine. Cooking sirloin for her and
> >then she began vomiting so I took her in for blood work, which showed
> >everything was normal, so more medicine. Well five weeks later and she
> >won't get up and won't eat anthing. I am watching her loose her life
> >force before my eyes. I take her in to be admitted and her urine is very
> >dark, and I keep saying why? They keep saying oh she's just dehydrated,
> >after 24 they still hadn't tested her urine I demanded they do. Low and
> >behold she has bile in her urine, her liver is not functioning right.
> >They have told me because she is four that it is hereditary and that she
> >may need an operation on her portal value. Well, I am loosing it. I am
> >angry, I don't really know how I will but I will get the operation done
> >if she needs it. (One more test will tell us for sure) I am falling
> >apart. I know she's just a dog, but she can't leave me now. I need her
> >love for my own operation and recovery. She's just a little dog a Pom she
> >means so much to me. So I ask you for prayers for her and for me. She's
> >all I have, no children just her. You all most likely think I am nut's,
> >but I have to ask anyway.
> >                          Thank you
> >                            Tatiana....
> >
> >
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>    Support for Cancer Survivors, Families, and Friends!!
Dear Friend____Animals are precious beings, like people.  Many years ago
I would laugh when someone was so upset over losing a pet, until I lost
my first cat.  I felt like I had lost a part of myself.
Love and prayers from John