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[Fwd: A call for prayers]

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Hello Everyone,

  I know this isn't about cancer but in a way it is really. You all know 
I have cancer of the vulva and that my surgery is on 8/28. This past 
weekend my father was admitted with a mild heart attack and I came down 
with yet again another upper respiratory infection. (I guess my immune 
sytem is busy trying to cure the cancer on it's own) Well, you know I 
could just about take all that. But my dog Bella (who is like a child to 
me)as well as one of the chief reasons, I keep on keepin on became sick 
about one month ago. She started with diarrhea and of course I went round 
with the vet about food changes and medicine. Cooking sirloin for her and 
then she began vomiting so I took her in for blood work, which showed 
everything was normal, so more medicine. Well five weeks later and she 
won't get up and won't eat anthing. I am watching her loose her life 
force before my eyes. I take her in to be admitted and her urine is very 
dark, and I keep saying why? They keep saying oh she's just dehydrated, 
after 24 they still hadn't tested her urine I demanded they do. Low and 
behold she has bile in her urine, her liver is not functioning right. 
They have told me because she is four that it is hereditary and that she 
may need an operation on her portal value. Well, I am loosing it. I am 
angry, I don't really know how I will but I will get the operation done 
if she needs it. (One more test will tell us for sure) I am falling 
apart. I know she's just a dog, but she can't leave me now. I need her 
love for my own operation and recovery. She's just a little dog a Pom she 
means so much to me. So I ask you for prayers for her and for me. She's 
all I have, no children just her. You all most likely think I am nut's, 
but I have to ask anyway. 
                          Thank you

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