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intra-peritoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy

I'm looking for information on intra-peritoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy.
 My father, 54-years old, very active, 6 children (youngest 15) was diagnosed
in June with colon cancer.  Surgery to remove the tumor (it had started to
block passage thru the colon) also found numerous mets to the peritoneal.
Nearby lymph glands were also involved.  No sign of mets in the liver, lungs,
bone, or brain.  The docs at the local hospital referred us to MD Anderson in
Houston.  Dad is scheduled to have the hyperthermic chemo there in Sept. 

I'd be interested in any information on this surgery, particularly from
others who have undergone the surgery.  How tough on the patient is this
surgery?  How long will recovery take?  Will he be able return to normal
activities?  What are the medium-term and long-term prospects?  I'd
appreciate any information at any technical level (several family members in
medical careers).  Thank you.