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Re: prostrate cancer

Dear CWick,
	 I am a 59 year old Caucasian of German-Irish descent. On May 3rd, I
finished 37 radiation treatments for early stage adenocarcinoma of the
prostate. My PSA base # of a year and a half ago was 5.8.  A year later
it had risen to 6.2.  A few months later to 6.4.  My personal physician
sent me to a urologist and a radiologist at the Indiana University
Medical Center, Indianapolis, for their opinion, which was "All things
being equal, the choice of treatment in the current state of knowledge
is an absolute tossup!" Ultrasound revealed nothing. But, biopsy
revealed adenocarcinoma in 2 of the 6 cores taken. Because of two
previous cardiac bypass operations, surgery was out of the question as
too dangerous.Another blood test, the PAP, revealed none of the cells
had escaped the prostate;  likewise with a bone scan. Throughout the
treatment, I continued to teach my college classes, with probably
somewhat more fatigue, but no unpleasent side-effects.
	A retest of PSA one month after treatment showed a drop to 4.4. Right
direction, but I was hoping for something under 1.0, maybe even under
0.5. I don't see the radiologist again until October, when I'm sure
another PSA will be taken. I do not know whether these numbers can be
expected or hoped to drop any more or not by October.
	Since the treatment, I still have O.K.erections and can experience
orgasm, but without any ejaculation, or at least, without any sense of
ejaculation. I do experience some mucus from my anus, and have taken to
wearing some toilet tissue there.(I have since taken a 2400 mile
motorcycle ride through MI,Ontario,Quebec,VT,N.Y,PA,W.V,OH & IN)
		Good luck and my prayers are with you!         DRK, Sr. 8/3/96