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Re: [Fwd: Cancer of the Vulvar]

>Please is there anyone out there who knows about cancer of the Valvar, 
>or how has had surgery for same. I am scheduled to have surgery for it 
>and have found pictures a radical surgery, of one women. I just need more 
>input what I have read about is pretty scary. My surgery is scheduled for 
>late August. Please answer this entry. Are there support groups or chat 
>channels for cancer. If you have information on that my Email address is

There is the gyn-cancer listserv....

Here is the message with the subscribing info...

I have started a support group where I live in Kelowna, British Columbia,
Canada.  I now have a support mailing list for patients and their friends
and families regarding genitourinary cancer.  To subscibe to the list you
would mail and in the body write "Subscribe
gyn-cancer <email address>.  I thought you may want
to add this to your information somewhere.  Thanks for your attention and
making information available on the Internet.
As well, I have written a booklet on Laser Therapy and how to cope.  This
mainly relates to laser therapy of the vulva but could apply to other areas
as well.  Thanks for you attention.
 Sincerely, Carrie Streilein
Carrie Streilein
Live to learn and learn to live:)
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