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Myeloprolific disorder mailing list

This may be of interest to some mol-cancer subscribers:


A myeloprolific disease medical mailing list focusing on polycythemia 
vera, essential thrombocythemia, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, and 
Anyone - patient, family member, or health professional, is welcome to 

To subscribe to MPD-SUPPORT-L, do the following:

Subject line: blank or just a dash on AOL
Body: SUBSCRIBE MPD-SUPPORT-L John Smith (Substitute your first and last 
name for John Smith's)

Or, you can simply navigate your web browser to:
Our archives are located at
for fast access
for a more graphical one.
The general interface is at

Once subscribed, if you wish, send us a little introduction explaining 
who you are, your myeloprolific disease and your treatment history or 
your professional interest, along with any questions or comments you 
wish to post to our group.

Owner: Robert Tollen, or