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Re: A cure for cancer??????

On Sun, 14 Jul 1996, Carl D. Rubin wrote:

>I was watching a local news show this morning where a doctor was interviewed
>and claimed to have found a cure for cancer.  This seems very hard to
>believe.  Is anyone familiar with this doctor in Houston?  I understand his
>work is very controversal.
You said it right: It is controversial!  If you research the biography of 
the good Dr. B., you'll see a brilliant MD and researchers with 
impeccable credentials who - at cost to his prestige and life-style - 
elected to give up his position and pursue his revolutionary ideas.  
Not being able to raise anyone's interest, he started his own clinic and 
had his own 'unofficial trials'.   In short, I have heard many attack him 
for using drugs not sanctioned by FDA; I have not ever heard anyone attack 
his credentials or his impressive case history...

This doesn't say much for his treatment - It is controverisal and 
expensive (although still less than traditional medicine).  Alas, he is 
legally barred from accepting any new patients.  So, the point may be 
mute here!

By the way, University of VA and NCI are conducting early trials on two 
conponents of Dr. B.'s Neoplastons:  early findings are very promising...

Good luck and best wishes.