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Re: 1-800-Turbans

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 Date:	96-07-08 18:58:31 EDT
 This morning a friend happily off chemo said --"who can I give my turbans 
 to--I want them out of the house".  We both thought how many other people 
 must be looking for ways to pass on turbans to those that need them.
 Thought about a 1-800-Turbans non-for-profit things--getting our local 
 churches to collect,wash, repackage with some support notes etc.--and 
 then mail them to whoever called 1-800-Turbans and needed one.
 Any thoughts on this idea? Good? Bad? Ways to make it work?
Four years ago I would have promptly agreed.  When I stopped chemo then, I
was anxious to get rid of the wigs and turbans and certain I would never need
them again.  Somehow I never quite got around to it, and am happy I didn't!
 I am on arimidex now, but if it doesn't succeed, chemo and hair loss is only
a few months away!

The ACS here in No.Va. has a sort of lending closet for wigs and things (I
got one there), maybe they also do turbans?  Your idea has merit and if I
weren't being so negative on my third time around, I'd probably support it. 

God Bless,