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 I would appreciate receiving any information you have obtained on the 
 above subject.  I'm afraid I have no experience to offer other than 
 my own, but would be happy to discuss same with you if you desire.    
 Carol A. Hasenyager, M.D.                                                   
I don't know if you intended for all list subscribers to respond, but if you
did, I'll tell you this much:  I was on CAF for 6 months 4 yrs ago.  My
memory has been progressively getting worse and is not all attributable to
stress!  I had a fantastic capacity for memorization and remembering details
that I began to loose in the past few years.  I had a reputation at work for
remembering facts, figures,and location or procedures that others could not
think of.  Now that I think of it, that was another reason I resigned my
position last Sept.!  

My ONCODOC let me have a cat scan of my head to try to reasure me!  My
husband jokingly tells everyone they found nothing in there!  I have this
underlying fear that one day soon it will be a fact!  If it is not premature
snility, could it really be caused by the chemo?
Hi, I'm new:  9yrs fr stage II dx.age 40, lump. AD/RT; 4 yrs fr MRM & CAF chemo & 4 yrs tamoxifen;now this! Sugested therapy of arimidex (H.T.) followed by Taxol (chemo), if no success; followed by possible HDC and ABMT/SCT.  Looking for advice, information and other survivors who have perhaps experienced these treatments or survival prospects for stage IV from other victims. Mets to both lungs and chest lymph nodes. Liver and bones still clear on scans with the exception of possible place on rib recently fractured when I coughed (cancer or osteoporosis, Docs don't know!?!) Chemo instantly knocked me into menopause.  Hotflashes, night sweats extreme during chemo. Incontinence (diaper time for sure, and not at all like that old tv star makes it sound). Real problem with memory and weight gain since Chemo and all of the meds I've been on in the last 4 yrs:Imipramine, Klonapin, DayPro (off now); tamoxifen 4yrs stop/began arimidex; Ibuprofin; Paxil/switched to Wellbutrin & lithium (bipolar). I quit work Sept. '95 due to panic attacks, stress of commuting from No.Va. to D.C.; stress of schedule between demanding church, work, needs of family, Doc app'ts,p.t. & phsyc.t.! I just couldn't handle anything so I crashed.  Was just regaining a life when new diagnosis of mets to lungs (altho I suspected something after bronchitus and pnuemonia lasted all winter!)  Today is my 50th birthday and I've been so rotten to my family with my roller coaster moods since starting arimidex, I'll be surprised if they even speak to me!  Married 31 yrs 9/25/96, husb - Jim, 51-R.CW4.USA;son-Tim-30, SGT.USA; m. Jean 4yrs-3 g: Jessica 9, Katie 3, Tabitha 10 mo.; dau.- Kathy - 26 & her son Michael 7 (live with us); son Brian - 21; Father-in-law - 83 (lives with us).