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Metastatic Breast Cancer Pa

        Reply to:   Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

>>My wife is considering a bone marrow / blood stem cell transplant. <<

I am a new patient coordinator at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston,
MA.  Our particular division deals exclusively with autologous bone
marrow/peripheral stem cell transplant.  Autologous means that patients
receive their own marrow or stem cells.  Because the patient is the donor, HLA
matching is not necessary and there is no risk of GVHD
(graft-versus-host-disease).  We offer several treatment plans for metastatic
breast cancer and other solid tumors.  If you would like more information on
transplant you can call us at (617) 632-3339.  Another route to take to find
out more about transplant and the facilities that perform them is by calling
NCI (National Cancer Institute) at 
(800) 4 CANCER.

 While we
understand that no one can pinpoint exactly how much time the chemo has
"bought" her, we need an estimate/range (minimum to maximum) based on
 patients with a similar diagnosis(metastatic breast cancer) and a similar if
not identical  type of chemotherapy regimen.We desperately need this
information so that a decision  can be made regarding the transplant.Our only
other request would be the names of some of the best transplant centers in
the United States and elsewhere, based on having specific protocols for my
wife's condition and on having the highest success rates(cure or at least
long term remission).My wife is 39 years old.Please respond asap.

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