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I was diagnosed with thrombocythemia approximately ten years ago at the 
age of 30.  My platelet counts have been stable at about 800,000 to 
900,000.  I'm currently being treated with one baby aspirin qd which 
seems to ward off my migraine-like visual symptoms.

I have two concerns.  First, I'm begining to think about menopaus.  Will 
I be able to take hormone replacement with my history?  Secondly, for the 
past several months I have had the scintillating aura of a migraine 
lasting from hours to days at a time.  A neurological exam produced a 
diagnosis of oscillopsia, but I doubt this as nothing seems to 
move/scintillate except my peripheral vision, symetrically in both eyes. 
 Could this be related to the platelet count and thrombocythemia?

Thanks so much for your time.

Julie Moore
Manassas, VA