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Re: Pancreatic cancer

>I hope you read this - I had trouble with the e-mail last night and my 
>message was returned. Anyhow, to answer your questions: my mother had 
>a 3cm turmor removed, the margins were clear and there was some lymph
>node involvement. Since the lymph nodes are involved, this places her in 

With lymph node involvement, you are correct in presuming there is extension of 
the disease beyond the primary site. How far and how much....well that is a 
good question.

>a stage 3. Her chemo is 5-fu which I understand in the norm for 
>pancreatic cancer. I am interested in this Gemzar, but couldnt come up 
>with any info on the www. Could you give me a lead? Where in Texas is 

5FU is indeed the norm, occasionally accompanied by radiation therapy. Gemzar
is Eli Lilly and Company's commercial name for gemcitabine, which is currently 
undergoing trials for use in pancreatic cancer. I believe you (or your 
physician) can call Lilly (Indianapolis is their home base) to help with the 
enrollment in your local area. Aside from some press-releases, I do not believe 
there is much information (at least so far) on Gemzar on the Web...

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