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>Dear Friend:
>Have you considered alternative therapies, such as herbs?  My father was
>diagnosed in September 95 with small cell squamous and he has opted for the
>nontraditional therapies.  He is 80 years of age but looks a young 70 - his
>doctors agree.  I would like to suggest a book entitled "Killing Cancer", by
>Sir Jason Winters.  We found it most valuable in helping Dad get started in
>the herbal therapies.  His tumor has grown 2 cm since the original diagnosis
>but we feel the herbs have not had enough time to rid his body of all of the
>toxins.  Herbal therapy is not for everyone but when you are 80 and facing
>such an invasive procedure as removal of one's lung it gives one hope.
>N4K 6V5

Do you have the name of the publisher of this text.
Thank you.

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