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Diana Nooten, 32 years, having M. Hodgkin for the second time in four years.

Three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Morbus Hodgkin [Nodulair 
scleroserend], stage II.
I never experienced any symptoms, the only thing I noticed was a swelling 
on the left side of my neck.
They gave me radiation treatment ; 22 x cobalt and 21 x electricity radiation 
The results were good, the nodes in my chest [between the longs] became smaller, 
so the therapy was a success.  I  even gave birth to a little girl, 30 June 1995 
and everything was very well. 
Until last January; the swelling in my neck was back....now on both sides. 
The stage is the same ; II
Now they give me chemotherapy ; MOPP-ABV for six months [6 times 28 days] I 
have had the first two therapy's, lost my hair on my head, feeling tired and 
occasionally nothing tasted
My leuco's are dropping every time; 3,6.  after the first chemotherapy they 
were 0,7 ! Also my HB is very low 6,8
Is there some-one who can give me tips regarding this MOPP ABV or who 
experienced the same ; M.Hodgkin twice...