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> Dear friends:
> The present case history is being presented with the hope that a subscriber
> can provide new insight for the postulated treatment of the patient
> described below. Are there any new modalities of treatment that you
>  -researchers, clinicians, general public- are aware of that has not yet
> reached populatr attention? Are there any new promising concepts, drugs,
> data from developing clinical trials that could be of help in the following
> clinical picture? Is there any advice that could be shared?
Hi.  My husband has been diagnosed with stage III-b adenocarcinoma of
the right lung - inoperable.  He is currently undergoing a chemo
treatment that seems quite promising - granted he is not recovering
from an operation.  Still, I thought this informatin might be helpfull: 

The trial is sponsored by Elly Lilly.
They could possibly inform you concerning other hospitals that 
have the trial running.  We live in Canada (Quebec city), but have
been told the trial is being held simultaneously elsewhere in north
america, including other sites in Canada and the States.

The treatment is a combination: 
  One week cisplatine (standard) + gemcitabine (experimental)
  Two weeks gemcitabine
  One week to recover
  ... and it all starts over, if you can handle it.

The oncologist tells us response to the treatment is in the 40-50% 
range, meaning 40 to 50% of people react by a significant reduction
of the tumor's size.  Cure however is not very frequent.

My husband's (age 44) response after one cycle has been very good
and the sideeffects of the treatment very tolerable, although of course
individual difference in this respect appear to be large.

I have not had much time to research the subject (the cancer was
diagnosed 4 weeks ago), but from what I have seen, this appears 
like a very interesting alternative.  Other drugs might also be good.
(maybe Doretaxel or Paclitaxel, not at all sure).

My e-mail is MPoirier@psy.ulaval.ca, if you would like more info.

The best of luck to you, Marie.