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Re: For Roberta

Dear Monica, It would be my pleasure to repost my poem. May God Grant you
all that you pray for.  


I walk to the edge of a cliff,
above me is a blue sky and white clouds.
Below me I see a stream, 
it's waters run wild, and free.
The tree's along the rivers edge,
grow tall, and upward. 
It's as though they are reaching,
towards the heat of the sun.
One step in front of me,
I see a golden stairwell.
It extends into the Heavens,
I feel it's warmth, and Peace.
Sweet Angels call my name,
they touch me and fill me with Love.
As the Angels carry me upward,
I look downward towards you.
I see you sitting in a chair,
your hands cover your teary eyes.
I whisper your name, 
listen to my words my Love.
Shed the tears that you must,
but know my Love I am with you.
I suffer no more pain, 
in you I found my strength.
You were there by my side,
when I needed you most.
Now it is time for me to go,
I am released from my suffering,
for this you can rejoyce.
I am there in your heart,
There I will Live for eternity.

                         White Tiger