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Information on treatment of amelioblastoma

I will appreciate if anyone could send me information on the latest treatments for amelioblastoma.
The clinical history of a friend of mine is the following:

Female, 39 years old, she was operated on 10/26/84 at the 
hospital for Joint Disease in New York due to an amelioblastoma 
of right tibia. At that time the entire right tibia with 
overlying skin and muscle was resected and the leg reconstructed
 with the implantation of fibula. On her follow up her X-rays 
showed a lung metastasis. For that reason she was explored on 
2/12/90 through a left thoracotomy and a left superior lobectomy
 and 5 resections of samll nodes from the remaining lung were 
done. No pathologic lymph nodes were found. The pathologic 
examination sowed metastasis of amelioblastoma. She continued 
in good conditions until April 92 in which a median sternotomy 
is performes to explore both lungs due to recurrence of nodes in
 both sides. At least 5 nodes from 1 to 2 cms were resected and 
 confirmed as amelioblastoma metastasis. She was in good 
conditions until March 94 in which  the lung X-ray showed 
another node. Her actual health condition is otherwise good. 
Scan and bone scintigrams are normal.

I would like to ask the following questions:

1) Is appropiate to reoperate now?
2) According to the experiences which is the long term prognosis?
3) Is there any other way of treatment to this long lasting

Any information or help will be greatly appreciated.


Veronica Garcia-Huidobro
Biologist UC