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>My best friend has been diagnosed as having primary hepatacellular liver 
>cancer, a tumor 5 to 6cm, with possible metastases to the right lower 
>lobe of the lung.  Please, she does not want to have an open thorasic 

This would be a far reach for a bronchoscopic biopsy...

I'm not sure what would be gained from a biopsy...aside from possibly using the 
met for chemosensitivity testing...

>surgical procedure done for a lung biopsy.  Does anyone have any 
>information on what procedures may or may not be done?  Are there any 
>alternatives offered for this type of liver tumor that are not surgical? 
>Her prognosis is poor at this time, but she is hopeful for some good 
>news. Thanks.

Has your friend had any chemo at this point? There are a variety of 

What is happening now?

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