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What makes a drug a good anticancer drug?

Ok...  Here we go.  I am giving a speech on some research done 
Dr. Farrell and some of his dinuclear platinum complexes.  I am 
some real problems understanding some things.  What needs to be 
at in order to determine if a drug is a good anticancer drug.
In his paper he looks at : DNA Unwinding, DNA-DNA Interstrand 
Adduct formation and Sequence Specificity for Dinuclear 
Platinum Complexes,
(Pt, Pt) Intrastrand Cross-links.

What I would like to know is what kind of results is he looking 
inorder to determine that the complexes are good anticancer 
Example: something is "very effcient cross-linking agent" ---> 
so what
         does this tell me?

Also why does he look at B-->Z induction (what is it?), 
unwinding angle.
and HMG Protein recognition?

If you have any information or can help me please e-mail as 
soon as possible.
Thank you so much,