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Re: Treatment Adeno

>A good friend of mine has P(oor) D(iffentiated) Adeno-carcinoma, with no =
>detected primary tumor.

This is merely a pathology statement...and does not express the extent of the 

>Are there any (even experimental) suggestions to cure?

Cure....or disease management. There are two general types of treatment: 
"definitive"...meaning to treat with the intent to cure and "palliative" 
meaning to treat with the intent to retain the highest quality of life. In many 
cases, the palliative approach attempts to stabilize the disease..and if not 
temporarily irradicate it, then keep it in a holding position...for months, 
years...who knows.

>Or is there more information available about this adeno carcinoma. The =
>hospital says there is no cure for it and he will  be dead in a few =
>month. Can anyone help us? depends on what they are doing in terms of radiation to the mets, 
chemotherapy (which is a systemic form of treatment), and the response of the 
individual to the treatment. It is hard to make general comments...

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