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Re: 35 yr. old W/F diag. CLL/ Need help/ Info

Kathy -

I have gastric cancer, at the age of 31, which is also quite rare.  Look at
it this way; you have a much better chance of tolerating the treatments well
than the "average" person with CLL.  I'm sure you'll do fine - but you need
to keep your attitude up!

I don't have any info about CLL, but you might want to try posting to cancer-l
(to subscribe, send a message to - the body of the
message should say "subscribe <your name>" - this is a very active and very
knowledgable group.  To post a letter, send it to

Also, if you're interested in clinical trials, you can try the list (again, to subscribe write to  

Good luck to you.  So far I've had surgury and six rounds of chemo - I start
the seventh on Monday.  You're at a good place if you're going to
Sloan-Kettering, so I'm sure you'll do great.

lots of love - and various animal sounds


Caylee Nychis-Florence
Neurocognitive Assessment Unit
Yale\CMHC rm. 42
34 Park Street
New Haven, CT   06519