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Re: 35 yr. old W/F diag. CLL/ Need help/ Info

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, ronald byrne wrote:

> My name is Kathy. I have recently been diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia. The good news is I feel fine. The bad news is that my doctors at Sloan-Kettering in NYC tell me that to get CLL at my age is very rare. The past month has been an emotional roller-coaster. They have requested blood typing from my siblings for poss. BMT. This is happening to fast for me. The dr.s tell me that less than 100 people under the age of 60yrs has CLL and there is no clear cut way treat this. Anyone with experience or info please reply ASAP to thanks.... 
Hello Kathy,
	My name is Jim and I rarely respond to peoples cases, but you 
seem sort of special to me since, I was of the same situation.  I am 
almost 26yrs old and was 22 when I was told that I had primary liver 
cancer.  I did the chemotherapy and immunotherapy combo and also had 
unsuccessful liver surgery called exploratory due to the fact that I was 
opened up twice and nothing was done for my condition.  I pretty much 
said that I had enough after the second operation and long time treatment 
with chemo.  I don't want to discourage you here, I am acctually trying 
to say that doctors can sometimes make the stress levels rise beyond what 
they already are from the news and to me really don't know what you are 
going through and can't predict you life.  In other words you have alot 
of life left if you keep telling yourself that.  I am a fighter and have 
outlasted all the doctors predictions and fell great today.  I haven't 
let this condition take over my life.  Yes it did occupy much of my life 
at first and for good reason so that I would become more intouch with my 
self and how to cure myself psychologically and physically.  Well, enough 
pep talk, you sound as if you are doing all the right things by searching 
for your own answers.  Take care.

Jim Reynolds
B.S. Biochemistry
B.S. Mathematics (currently pursuing)

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