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Re: essiac

In a message dated 95-11-25 20:15:35 EST, you write:

>Dear readers:
>can somebody please tell me if they have had or heard of positive
>results using:
>1) ESSIAC tea 
>2) hydrazine sulfate
>3) pycnogenol
>My mother is presently using these substances to contol her 
>Thank you,
>Evan Rosenthal

Dear Evan:

I discuss all of these therapies at length in my new book "Cancer and Natural
Medicine".  Information can be found at

In short, I would say that Essiac tea has some interesting phytochemicals
that may indeed have an effect on some types of cancer, but my guess is that
using the tea as directed may not provide optimal amounts of the compounds.
 Hydrazine sulfate is not an anticancer drug.  Rather, it was investigated as
an agent to inhibit cachexia (tissue wasting).  Recent clinical trials have
strongly suggested that it has no positive effect, and may indeed have a
negative effect.  Pycnogenols do have some interesting properties that, at
least theoretically, may influence invasion and metastasis (due to their
effects on vascular tissue and collagenase).  However, optimal dosage and
application have not yet been determined.  References for all of these
statements can be found in my book.

Hope this helps.

John Boik