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Re: essiac

>can somebody please tell me if they have had or heard of positive
>results using:
>1) ESSIAC tea 
>2) hydrazine sulfate
>3) pycnogenol
>My mother is presently using these substances to contol her 

All of these substances are discussed in Michael Lerner's book "Choices in 
Healing". The Essiac tea story is a long originated from a Canadian 
nurse named Caisse (note the reveral of her name gives the name of the tea). 
The people taking it often swear by it. Even if it doesn't do anything 
beneficial, its only detriment is to lighted your wallet. 

Hydrazine sulfate is a very old treatment from the 1930s. It was originally 
proposed to modify the metabolism of the tumor cells. It didn't work. It was 
then proposed to be an appetite enhancer. It didn't work. The NCI did several 
trials a few years ago...and the patients did marginally worse on hydrazine 
sulfate (probably not statistically relevant).

Pycnogenol is popular in Europe as (I believe) an antioxidant...which might 
have something to do with cancer. I do not believe there is any data on this 
substance...though there is much money made in the sale of this substance.

So...I hope your mother communicates her supplements to her oncologist. Please 
keep the channels of communication open! Do not forgo conventional treatments 
in favor of the above agents. For those who abandon their conventional 
treatments to depend solely on the above substances...well I know of no longer 
term patients still alive...

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