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Re: Adenocarcinoma

>My mother has adenocarcinoma and had a quarter of her lower left
>lung removed two years ago.  A reoccurrence which developed last
>December was in the form of fluid in the lung.  She had other problems
>with nodes
>over the last year and most recently the cancer was identified in
>her shoulder and one rib.  Additional tests showed that there was
>subcarinal adenopathy in the azygoesophageal recess. She was also
>advised that cancer is in the nodes in her stomach.
>We are trying to get the definitions of a few words.  If you could
>help, we would appreciate it very much.
>Also, previously when she had fluid in her lungs, she experienced
>severe shortness of breath.  This was taken care of and on the
>most recent tests, there was a decrease in fluid.  Now she is
>again beginning to experience shortness of breath.  Would this be
>characteristic of the cancer and lack of oxygen in the blood or
>of the chemotherapy?

Dear Joe,   I can help you with definitions, but can't help with the
disease process, or treatment.  I am not a doctor, or anything, but have
some reference material, and can look these things up, but this should not
be taken as medical advice.  In fact, your oncologist should make all of
this clear to you.

Adenopathy:  Adeno is a prefix meaning gland, and pathy is a suffix meaning
disease, so adenopathy means any disease of a gland.

Subcarinal:  Sub means under or below,  carina (tracheae) means the ridge
at the lower end of the trachea separating openings of the two bronchi, al
is a suffix indicating connection with.  This word is telling you the exact
location of the

Paracaval:  Para has several meanings (near, beside, past, beyond, the
opposite, abnormal, irregular, or two like parts), but in this instance, I
would think it means around, or near.  Caval simply means pertaining to the
vena cava, which is the vein that empties into the right atrium of the

Portocaval:  Concerning the portal vein and the vena cava.

I hope that this information will help you to understand what is going on
with your mother, and I wish the best for you and your family.  Most of the
information that you would want to find out more about could be found in
any major library in medical reference books.  There should be quite a
variety to choose from.  Some medical institutions might let you look up
materials in their medical libraries as well, but I am more than happy to
help with definitions anytime.