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My mother has adenocarcinoma and had a quarter of her lower left 
lung removed two years ago.  A reoccurrence which developed last 
December was in the form of fluid in the lung.  She had other problems 
with nodes
over the last year and most recently the cancer was identified in
her shoulder and one rib.  Additional tests showed that there was
subcarinal adenopathy in the azygoesophageal recess. She was also
advised that cancer is in the nodes in her stomach.

We are trying to get the definitions of a few words.  If you could 
help, we would appreciate it very much.


Also, previously when she had fluid in her lungs, she experienced
severe shortness of breath.  This was taken care of and on the
most recent tests, there was a decrease in fluid.  Now she is
again beginning to experience shortness of breath.  Would this be
characteristic of the cancer and lack of oxygen in the blood or
of the chemotherapy?