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Lung Cancer

     I have small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) for which surgery is 
     inappropriate. I am in the middle of my first cycle of chemo and 
     having few to no problems (depends on the day!). In fact, all the 
     symptoms which took me to the doctor in the first place are now gone.
     It sounds like you have non-SCLC, because you had surgery. If so, the 
     are 5 or more varieties, each different. Make sure any disease you get 
     descriptions for matches your biopsy.
     About survival rates, outcomes, etc.: you should get on the internet 
     and read Stephen Jay Gould's "The Median Is Not The Message." Survival 
     rates and outcome numbers mean absolutely nothing to the individual, 
     and tend to give falsly low expectations. Read it, then join us on the 
     Fred Ludwick