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Re: lung Cancer

Dear Herb, I have a friend in my support group who had surgery for lung
cancer. If you would like to talk with him, send me your telephone number
and I'll pass it on to him. Could you also pass this note on to Arlene? I
can't guarantee he'll call but he's a very nice and concerned guy who lives
in the Philadelphia area, as your email address (voicenet) implies that you
do. Bart Moran--Villanova.  

>Hi from another (short duration) survivor! I had half my left lung removed 
>in early September. The final pathology reports said that a single lymph 
>node was involved, so I am just finishing up 6 weeks of radiation aimed 
>specifically at that node. Post-op/pre-radiation pulmonary function test 
>results fine. So far, lungs remain clean.
>I realize that we're not talking about a lot of time here, but I do feel 
>good about things so far. 
>I can find no survival numbers beyond those in "The Cancer Book", but I 
>suspect that individual circumstances contribute so greatly to the answer 
>that definitive answers are difficult..Before being scheduled for radiation, 
>my surgeon had suggested re x-ray every 90 days. I'll be checking on that 
>next week.
>Several months ago, I placed a request here similar to yours and got little 
>in the way of responses. Hopefully, your query will shake up some activity. 
>I will look forward to seeing more words here!!
>Good health-Herb
>>I would like to establish a dialogue with a Lung Cancer survivor.  I had 
>>my right lung removed March 1995. Has anyone else had this surgery and 
>>what do you know about survival rates and frequency of re examinations 
>>are, especially CT scans. thank you, Arlene
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Bart Moran
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