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lung Cancer -Reply

Dear Arlene,

You might also try posting your question on

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mesg: subscribe cancer-l <yourname>

Have you retrieved info from the National Cancer
Institute, available via web browser or email? If not

1. web browser -

2. email -

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mesg:  help

>From the email 'help' document returned to you by
NCI, choose the physician's statement (cn-1xxxxx)
for lung cancer. This will describe treatments, etc.

Note that these PDQ statements tend to be
conservative, whereas the cancerlit series
(cn-7xxxxx) represents a goodly sample of the
most current research and wil give you a better
feeling for what's actually going on. 

Please don't get overly engrossed with the
percentages for survival that you may see therein.
Remember that advances in cancer care occur
daily, and that stats are outdated by the time
they're printed. Statistics describe groups, not
people, and we as individuals are one hundred
percent alive. 

Good luck,
Lorraine Johnston