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Contreras clinic

(Jose A. Perez asked:)
Please someone know any information about Hospital Ernesto Contreras or 
Hospital Oasis in Tijuana?

There is a short article in the Aug/Sept 1995 issue of Townsend Letter for
Doctors by Austin et al. that discusses results of long term (4-5 year)
followup of patients from a number of alternative clinics.  Zero of 22
contreras patients survived, and 1 of 18 Gerson patients survived (and the
lone survivor was not disease free).  Six of 16 Hoxsey patients survived
(average follow up 58 months) and claimed to be disease free.  I suggest
reading the article, as it is a preliminary investigation.

Rhein, an anthraquinone found in rhubarb and some other plants is probably
one of the primary active ingredients in the Hoxsey formula.  Rhein is
discussed at length in my book "Cancer and Natural Medicine".

John Boik