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Re: Neurofibrosarcoma

On Sat, 23 Sep 1995, Evan Burns wrote:

Thanks for your encouraging posting.  Could you elaborate a bit below?

> Except that the same chemo gave me a complete response and remission for a 
> year, it worked marvelously.  I am now on another kind of chemo and it is 
> working, something else that definitely wasn't supposed to happen.

Which Chemo Drug?

> I think it's also important to consider high dose chemo or an autologous 
> bone marrow transplant.  Roughly (and this is very rough) high dose chemo 
> is where they give you a drug called Nupregen to "build up" your immune 
> system after the beating it takes with high-dose chemo.

When Neupogen versus Autologous Bone Marrow?  Can they be used 

> Unfortunately, there is a problem associated with Adriamyacin, one of the 
> most successful drugs in sarcoma; heart damage.  Patients can only 
> recieve so much Adriamyacin in their lifetime because the effects on the 
> heart are cumulative.  However, new drugs have been developed which 
> protect the heart and do not dillute the power of the chemo.

Could you mention some of these drugs?  I am very interested.

Thank you.