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Re: Neurofibrosarcoma

>I wonder if you have any answers for me.  I had a neurofibrosarcoma that was
>removed with my left jaw in Feb. 93  it reocurred as a 1 x 4 cc brain tumor
>in the V3 cranial nerve last June and was treated with gamma knife on July 17
>1994.  Since then MRI's in Oct. 94 and Feb. 95 have indicated that the main
>tumor has stabilized or shrunk slightly but additional loss of facial muscle
>function and a MRI in Sept. indicate that fingers of the tumor continue to

As you recall, neurofibrosarcomas are malignant tumors orgininating from the 
neural sheat (also called neurogenic sarcomas, malignant schwannomas, and 
malignant neurilemomas) which can occur anywhere in the body. 
Neurofibrosarcomas are frequently associated with von Recklinghausen's 
disease...a chronic, progressive disease which is often inherited. Did your 
physician ever specifically refer to this as a schwannomas?

>grow.  My Kaiser Dr. scheduled me for chemotherapy this Fri but due to jury
>duty I have postponed it until next Wed.  I am somewhat concerned that Taxol
>might not be the strongest treatment and also some literature indicated that
>Taxol has caused glioblastomas to spread.  Do you have any ideas for me. 

Did you ever have any radiation therapy? I'm not exactly sure how this class oc 
cancer is treated via isn't exactly a sarcoma. As for comparison 
with glioblastomas...I believe this is a completely different cell type, so the 
behavior reported with taxol and glioblastomas may not be relevant to 

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