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Re: Neurofibrosarcoma

>Dear Lorraine Johnston,
>Somehou I got on the mol-cancer message page.  I don't know if I belong there
>or not but I like to read the good advice you give to advice seekers.  I may
>have contacted you before with the message below:
>I have a Neurofibrosarcoma tumor about 1 x 4 cm in the left v3 cranial nerve.
>My Kaaiser dr prescribes Taxol to start in 2 weeks.  any ideas?
>George Myles
>I have received so many messages I can't remember your answer.  I contacted
>Chris Owen at Harvard and he accessed 866 Taxol entrries for me and sent 9
>that involved brain tumors also some 42 involving neurofibrosarcomas.  I have
>postponed the treatment until this Friday but am a bit concerned about info
>that I have received which indicated that Taxol caused glioblastomas to
>spread  I would appreciate any information you have.
>George Myles

I don't know anything about the Cancer, but I do know some thing about
Kaiser. Kaiser specialises in saving money by giving the least treatment it
can get away with. I know personally of several minor  and major cases
where Kaiser did not do the right thing just to save costs. If the people
involved had not taken an agressive approach with Kaiser or had not gone to
outside doctors, they would have been screwed big time. So Do Not feel
confident that you will be getting the right treatment at Kaiser, only the