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Dear Lorraine Johnston,
Somehou I got on the mol-cancer message page.  I don't know if I belong there
or not but I like to read the good advice you give to advice seekers.  I may
have contacted you before with the message below:

I have a Neurofibrosarcoma tumor about 1 x 4 cm in the left v3 cranial nerve.
My Kaaiser dr prescribes Taxol to start in 2 weeks.  any ideas?
George Myles

I have received so many messages I can't remember your answer.  I contacted
Chris Owen at Harvard and he accessed 866 Taxol entrries for me and sent 9
that involved brain tumors also some 42 involving neurofibrosarcomas.  I have
postponed the treatment until this Friday but am a bit concerned about info
that I have received which indicated that Taxol caused glioblastomas to
spread  I would appreciate any information you have.
George Myles