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RE: Ovarian Cancer Survivors

There is a listserv for parties interested in ovarian cancer. This listserv 
used to operate out of Ferris Univ, but on Sept 11th (today, it is moving to 
St. Johns Univ. The Cancer-FAQ says:

Change in Ovarian Cancer Listserv (Sept 11, '95):
1) new name: Ovarian (to cover all Ovarian issues, not just ovarian-ca)
2) listserv:
3) how to subscribe: subject blank; message text should be:

   subscribe ovarian First-name Last-name

4) owner:
5) Date available: approximately Sept 1 but may be delayed with the upgrades
                   being done at St. Johns; the old one will run 

If you have any problems, please let me know!

Loren Buhle