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Questionable Treatment for Skin Cancer


   Did you intend for me to receive this message?  I'm not an
   oncologist or even an M.D. so I'm not qualified to respond.

   There is a mailing list called CANCER-L that could address
   your question--I believe a number of doctors participate in
   that list.  If you are not already subscribed and wish to do
   so, you can send a message as follows:

          To:       LISTSERV@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU
          Leave the subject line blank or type a dash -
          In message area, type 

                    subscribe CANCER-L Ellen Gary

   To post your question to this list, send to

   This is not the first time I've received a message such as
   this one.  I'm not upset about it--I simply respond as I have
   in your case--I'm just mystified as to why I keep receiving
   the messages!

   Good luck to you in your search.  I've been there!

   Michelle Bogan